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By coming to this website and using the tools, knowledge, and resources that we provide. You comprehend, agree, and accept the terms and conditions that are specified in this policy. This policy is  referred to as the Terms of User Agreement.

In addition, you can also agree to the terms and conditions that are stated in the Privacy Policy. (There is more information located in the Privacy Policy section below)

The agreement is effective as of October, 6th, 2018.

We hold the right to alter this “Terms Of User Agreement” ocassionally with or without any notice. You understand and acknowledge that is it your sole responsibility to review this Terms of Agreement every so often to familiarize yourself with all of the alterations that have been made.

If you continue to use this website after the alterations. This will constitute as an acceptance and agreement of the altered terms and conditions.

Responsible Usage and Behavior

By coming to this website and using the knowledge, tools, and resources that we provide. You comprehend, agree, and accept the terms and conditions either indirectly or directly also known as the resources.

You agree to only use these resources for their intended purpose as stated in the “Terms of User Agreement”, applicable laws, regulations and the other acceptable practices.

Whereby you fully understand that,

  1. In order to gain access to the resouces, you may be asked to provide specific information about yourself that such as an email address and contact information as a portion of your ability to access the resources. You agree that the information that you provide is accurate and current.
  2. Accessing (or making an attempt to access) our resources through different means other than the means that we supply is strictly forbidden. You precisely agree not to access (or make an attempt to access) any of our resources through any means that are uncommon, automated, or unethical.
  3. Participating in any activity that interupts or hinders with any of our resources that includes the networks, hosting sites, or servers that our website is linked with is strictly forbidden.
  4. You are completely responsible for any harm, losses and consequences that we may indirectly or directly acquire as a result of unapproved activites that were performed by you. As expressed above, this can result in civil or criminal liability.
  5. Trying to duplicate, copy, trade, sell or resell our resources is strictly forbidden.
  6. We provide communication tools on our website that include posts, post comments, different social media applications and email.
  7. You must be aware of the fact that we do pay close attention to the content that is posted by those who utilize these different communciation means. If you do choose to use these communication means to post any type of content to our website, know full well that it is your responsibility to use these tools in an ethical and accountable manner.

By submitting information using any of the communication means as stated, you accept that you will not share, post, upload, or publish any content that:

I. Mimics any entity or another person. (You must speak as yourself in your own voice, not someone else’s)

II. Has any type of unsolicted or unlicensed advertistment.

III. Violates on any copyright, trademarks, trade secret, patents and any other rights of other parties.

IV. Is racist, invasive, abusive, bullying, deceptive, dishonest, improper, humiliating, intimadating, threatening, tormenting and has any language that is vulgar and suggestive.

We reserve the right with our judgment to eliminate any comments or content that are posted by your or other parties on our website.

Nevertheless, any content that has been submitted by you using any of our communication means, given that it does not infringe or overstep on any other party’s trademark’s or copyrights now belongs to www.curinginsomniacenter.com.

As such, this gives us the eternal, binding, royalty free license to change, reproduce, translate, submit, distribute and display at our disposal.

However, this only applies to content that was submitted through our communication tools as stated in the above paragraph.

You agree to hold harmless and compensate www.curinginsomniacenter.com all of its owners, affiliates, parent companies, managers, agents, donors, licensors and the distributors from all damages, losses, expenses and costs.

This includes any lawyer fees that are the result from any infringement of this “Terms of User Agreement” or failing to complete any duty related to your account incurred by you or anybody else that has used your account.

We hold the right to take over the sole defense of any claim for which we are entitled to compensation under this “Terms of User Agreement”. If this happens to be so, you will provide us with your cooperation as requested by our party.


Your privacy is of vital importance to us. You can learn more about how we obtain, manage, process and store your personal information.

Our privacy policy is included along with this “Terms of User Agreement” page.

Limitation of Warranties

By accessing our website, you full acknowledge and agree that all of the resources that we provide are “as avaliable” and “as is”. This method involves that we do not represent or warrant to you that:

  1. Using our resources will be uninterrupted, opportune, fixed or be free from mistakes.
  2. Using our resources will meet your requirements.
  3. The knowledge gained from using our resources will be correct or dependable.
  4. Any flaws in the functionality or operation of any of the resources that we provide will be fixed and amended.

In addition, you must know and agree that:

  1. All content that is gained through the use of our resources is performed at your own risk and that you are completely responsible for any harm that has been done to your computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone/other devices any any information that is lost that can happen from downloading such content.
  2. No knowledge or advice, whether stated, expressed written or oral gained by you from www.curinginsomniacenter.com or through any our resources will generate any guarantee, warranty, or conditions of any kind with the exception of those that are stated in this “Terms of User Agreement”.

Limitation Of Liability

In accordance to the Limitation of Warranties that is expressed in the above section, you completely understand and agree that any and all claims that are made against us will be limited to the amount that you have to pay, if any for use of services or products.

Curing Insomnia Center is not held responsible for any indirect, direct, accidental, consequential harm or losses which you maybe the subject of due to using our resources.

This applies as well to any loss of access, data corruption or loss, cancellation, or any inactive period of time to the full expanse that the applicable limitation of liability laws apply.

Copyrights and Trademarks

All content and resources available on www.curinginsomniacenter.com including, yet not limited to logos, code, images, graphics, website tite and text are the intellectual property of www.curinginsomniacenter.com and are protected by relevant copyright and trademark laws.

Any unauthorized usage, limited that includes but not solely limited to the distribution, duplication, outward display or transferral of all content on this site is strictly forbidden with the exception of special authorization by www.curinginsomniacenter.com.

Termination of Usage

You fully agree that we can potentially (at our own judgement) withhold or terminate your access to a portion or all of our resources or website with or without notice and for any justificiation that includes without any limitations violation of this “Terms of User Agreement”.

Any suspected abusive, dishonest or illegal activities will be on list of concluding your relationship and you maybe appointed to the proper authorities.

When you are withheld or terminated, your access to the resources that we provide will effectively end. We hold the right to eliminate any information that you possibly have stored with us. This includes any login or account data.


Unless said otherwise www.curinginsomniacenter.com clearly denies all conditions and warranties of any sort, whether stated or implied. That includes, yet is not limited to the implied warranties and conditions of merchantability, practices for a particular purpose and non-infringement of all sorts.


If you have concerns, questions or comments about our Terms and Conditions as stated in this page, please feel free to send an email to:

Kenny Tang


As an alternative, you can also use the contact form.

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